Security Is A Way Of Life

Growing up in the Bronx, Paul Villanueva always harbored a heightened sense of security. He knew that if he was not constantly vigilant, alert and security-conscious, the streets could eat him alive.

Two things helped Paul survive the streets: a naturally ingrained responsibility to protect and a deeply held belief in the value of relationships. If people hadn't believed in his abilities or supported his ambitions, he may not be here today. Now, as CEO of Intelligent IT Designs, a complete IT solutions provider, Paul offers the same value to his clients: expert security strategies and relationships built on compassion, respect and a mutual desire for business growth and success.

When I was young, the enemy was a group of guys from another neighborhood. But now the battlefield is not the block—it’s online—and the enemy is cyberthugs. We are no longer fighting for our street. Instead, we are fighting to protect our clients’ systems.

– Paul Villanueva

Paul remembers a time when someone could start a business and set up their own computer or have it set up by a family member. That is no longer the case. Networks are more complicated, security threats are more strategic and cybercriminals have access to more resources and dark networks than ever before.

That is why, in 2006, Paul built Intelligent IT Designs. Intelligent IT Designs hosts a team of 10 technology professionals and serves more than 100 clients in the Hudson Valley. Intelligent IT Designs is a trusted resource to clients that provides creative and secure solutions, enhances business goals, solves problems quickly, increases efficiency and provides a competitive advantage and solid foundation for growth.

Paul is a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses graduate, #1 best-selling author and Editors Choice for #1 Best-Selling Cyber Security Book, On Thin Ice. He has been married to the love of his life for over 20 years. Together, they have three children, 17 chickens, four goats, two dogs and two cats on a 10-acre property bordering a state park in Dutchess County, New York. Paul has worked hard to build a successful business and a fulfilling life. Intelligent IT Designs is prepared to help you do the same.