"On Thin Ice"

Is Your Business Treading on Thin Ice?

It’s not fair! You work so hard to grow your business, and all it takes is ONE cyber-attack from a hacker and your life is turned upside-down. Suddenly, your employees’ information, your clients’ private data and your financial future are all at RISK! Just one data breach causes a ripple effect that exposes you to theft, liability, fines, lawsuits, lost business, countless hours and the permanent damage to your brand.

But you’re not alone! 31 CelebrityExperts® and authors in this book bring over a century’s worth of experience in PREVENTING these business-crippling cyber-attacks.

In this important book written for today’s business owner and CEO, you’ll learn the most effective cyber security solutions to erect a steel wall around your business assets. You will learn:

  • Why it’s no longer a matter of IF small businesses JUST LIKE YOURS will suffer a cyber-attack, it’s a matter of WHEN
  • NINE critical steps you must take now to protect yourself from a data breach that could cost you MASSIVE money, time and quite possibly YOUR BUSINESS
  • How to PREVENT today’s fastest growing and most feared cyber-attack — RANSOMWARE — so you aren’t blackmailed for TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars
  • How to ensure YOUR OWN EMPLOYEES don’t accidentally (or purposely) invite cybercriminals onto your network
  • Why YOUR personal information is probably already on the DARK WEB and what you can do about it now
  • How to protect your IDENTITY from being stolen, how to keep your data safe in THE CLOUD, and so much more!

Hello Paul,

Thanks again for including me on this. I really enjoyed your chapter and it really got me thinking about the future and steps that I will have to take and likely should be starting to take now. I have a 16 month old girl and know that these are things that I will need to be very wary of. It is great to start thinking about these things now so I can start putting a plan in place of how I can protect her and educate my wife so she can be part of that protection plan. These are things that all parents should consider and plan for. When it comes to network security Education is one of the most important steps and I believe that your chapter goes a long way in helping educate parents on the dangers for their children and how they can help mitigate them.

Thank You!

Chase Hofmeister Account Manager
Firewalls.com Inc.

Good morning Paul,

So happy to see that this book is being published. Like you pointed out when we grew up there were different things to be educated about.
I have had to raise two kids in this era but being involved with computer I had the awareness and was able to educate my children. I often take it for granted and think everyone knows to educate their children about these issues. Which obviously is incorrect. Glad to see you are educating people with this important information. One of my spiritual teachers Eckhart Tolle said “Cell phones bring us closer to the ones furthest but further from the ones closest.” So no cell phones at dinner table and we talk. Maybe a good time for some to talk about these important issues.


John D’Amato Manager / IT
Castle Hill Electrical Supply Corp.

Hi Paul,

Congratulations, that is awesome!

I enjoyed reading about the kids having access to the internet and all that it entails and what we can do to help keep them as safe as possible.

I did not know that they have a website called stopbullying.gov to help deal with cyberbullying. I will be forwarding this to some parents I know that are going through this with their child right now.
Also, I like the suggestion of vidangel.com to help filter shows and movies before watching with the kids, be sure that I will be using this going forward.

You are correct that the kids are on their cell phones or tablets after going to bed, I have caught them a few times and now I just confiscate their devices at bedtime.

I cannot wait to read the rest of the book when it comes out.

Best regards

Kim Heralal hatattack

Paul this is wonderful news! I ready your chapter and it’s great - so many parents pay absolutely zero attention to what their kids are up to on their devices. And their ability to navigate is almost always underestimated tremendously. That’s not even including the sites they access accidentally. I’ll be able to tell everyone “I know the guy” when the book comes out. I know how hard you work and I’m really excited for you. Kudos, man. Can’t think of a guy more deserving!!

Christine Williams Belowich & Walsh LLP http://www.belowichwalsh.com

Paul this was thorough and good read. I enjoyed the ease of reading this important information. As a mental health professional for the past 25 years times have changed. I have never seen the amount of threat as I do today as a direct result of internet savvy kids and internet ignorant parents. Paul Villaneuva teaches the truths in a direct and to the point manner that is sure to have all parents scared straight to the routers and screens to make their most valuable assets bully proof and less vulnerable. This topic can not be talked about enough, and I will definitely be sharing it with my clinical team to assure that we are creating a pathway to internet wellness that protects the lives our kids have yet to design!

Jackie Muller, LCSW-R Owner/Director of Clinical Services
Dynamic Intervention Wellness Solutions

I enjoyed the chapter. I like all the information you were able to provide on the different percentages of how children are attacked in cyberspace. The details given to protect the children was well written for someone that doesn't not know much about the internet. I believe you have something really good here. I would recommend people to read this.

Elden Vasquez HFCCONE.org