Server Installation, Server Hosting, and Server Support

Understanding and managing servers can be a daunting task for any business. Therefore, choosing a reliable IT partner can dramatically reduce your frustration and server management expenses. Intelligent IT Designs is your local server expert for the installation, setup, support, maintenance, hosting, and co-location of dedicated and virtual servers for businesses in Westchester County and NYC Boroughs.

Intelligent IT Designs simplifies and eliminates the causes of IT infrastructure headaches for our clients. For more than 18 years, we have successfully enabled businesses to maximize their profits by helping them to manage their Windows, Linux, and IBM servers. Our team of experts has experience working with lending institutions, educational institutions, museums, small businesses, and technology companies.

What Are Servers?

A server is the computing instance (usually a dedicated physical box but sometimes a virtual instance) that provides services to other computers and users. Servers host Web sites and e-mail, store databases and digital files, control IP addresses, monitor network activity, and more. Servers can be located at your office(s), at our office, at a data center, or in the cloud.

Intelligent IT Designs will evaluate your server deployment and requirements to help determine a smart hosting solution for your business. Contact us now to determine what server solution your business needs.

What Do Servers Do for My Company?

Servers consolidate data and software applications so that they can be secured, managed, and shared within your business. Servers enable businesses to move software, data, files, and digital assets off desktops, notebooks, laptops, and mobile devices and on to centrally managed computing and storage instance(s).

Our customers choose to use servers to decrease costs and risk, while increasing productivity and the availability of digital resources and data. Our customers use servers to share applications and data within an office, between geographically diverse locations, with mobile devices, and with customers. They host Web sites, industry-specific software, e-mail, confidential data and files, network access controls, and security applications. Servers provide access to your business tools and data in the office or on the road.

Intelligent IT Designs offers a wide range of server options that can be customized to meet your business needs. Our server configurations are flexibly priced to match your requirements. Our expert team of IT specialists will provide personalized service and work with you to determine the best server setup for your business.

Server Installation

Intelligent IT Designs has a long and proven track record of providing server installation and support. Our team has installed single servers for small businesses and built custom data centers for our institutional and enterprise customers. We offer cost-effective yet fully customizable servers, installed at your convenience. We maintain them and keep them running optimally for years, thus maximizing your ROI. Unlike larger IT companies, Intelligent IT Designs will assign a dedicated IT technician to you.

If you already have servers that you want to use, we can provide integrated services to keep that infrastructure running smoothly.

Server Hosting

Attempting to maintain and manage your own server can be financially and emotionally draining for small businesses. Intelligent IT Designs can help relieve this burden in a cost-efficient way. For many smaller companies, the monthly server hosting that we offer is more cost-efficient than a dedicated on-site server. Intelligent IT Designs provides server hosting that can alleviate the stresses of managing the server yourself.

We are located in Westchester County, New York, and provide server hosting and solutions to the New York City area. Our servers are located on site. This information gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your information is stored. Not only does Intelligent IT Designs provide cloud hosting, we offer other cloud services to help maximize employee and business productivity.

Server Management

Whether you use servers to host Web pages, files, security services, e-mail, or all of the above, you understand the importance of server availability and uptime. Server errors and issues can be detrimental and complicated. Intelligent IT Designs is the expert you need to manage and resolve your server issues safely and effectively.

Many server issues can be avoided with proper maintenance and ongoing checkups. Intelligent IT Designs offers managed IT services that can prevent server errors and issues by proactively monitoring the network. We will monitor your server to ensure that the technical infrastructure of your business runs smoothly, thus limiting unexpected downtime and avoiding wasteful repair costs and data loss.

Why Is My Server Slow?

A server’s efficiency and reliability can diminish over time. Because of the evolution of software and growth in the number of people using your network, your server may no longer be powerful enough. We understand that it is difficult to gauge the right time to upgrade or retire that old server. Intelligent IT Designs offers free network health analysis to determine whether outdated servers are creating problems in your network. Intelligent IT Designs will create the comprehensive server plan that best fits your business needs.

You have a business to run. You shouldn’t have to worry about your server! Leave that to Intelligent IT Designs, the experts in server installation, server hosting, and server management. We are also email server support and virtualization experts.